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Slash audio interview posted on blabbermouth.net


“[The album has] been really well received and I was really pleased with the record in the first place; it’s great,” Slash said. “You never know what exactly is going to happen and I never have any what you’d call expectations, but once it’s out there and people sort of dig it for the right reasons, it’s always a good feeling.”

Check out the audio here.

Slash & the Conspirators at Ribfest in Naperville

Slash - Toronto

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

July 5
Knoch Park, 724 S. West, Naperville
Tickets, $15
(630) 259-1129; Ribfest.net

“It’s a very high-energy, stripped-down, straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll show,” he said. “Every day is different and every crowd is different. We change the set every day. We don’t have a choreographed show. That can get really old really quick. I’m maintaining my roots — rock ‘n’ roll is not supposed to feel like that. That’s why we can stay out for so long and have a good time, because it has that magic, in-the-moment feel to it.”

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