By Patrick & Mario

Mario is a big fan of Slash and he was lucky enough to be able to contact Adam Day, Slash’s guitar tech. Here’s what Adam wrote him:

“Always happy to help a fan. Hey Mario, Sorry, I’ve got no photos of the gear at this time. However, I can give you a rough idea of how we use them. The E.Q. is basically just set as an upside down smile, meaning the mid-range is boosted, fading off at the high end. The input gain is right around 6db with the output about 0, and is used just for leads. The delay is actually a dd-3 and is basically used as a slap delay for solos. Also, a longer delay setting is used for selected parts, such as Slither.
Hope this helps.
All the best, Adam.”

Delay settings:

Normal settings (slap delay)

Level: 9.30 o’clock
Feedback: 10 o’clock
Delay time: 10 o’clock
Mode: 800ms

Slither settings

Level: 11 o’clock (sometimes 12 o’clock)
Feedback: 13 o’clock
Delay time: 13 o’clock
Mode: 800ms

Set Me Free

Level: 11 o’clock
Feedback: 7 o’clock (completely rolled back)
Delay time: 9.30 o’clock
Mode: 800ms

Were talking about these two pedals:

Boss DD3

Boss DD3