By Alan De Perna

Slash Custom Les PaulThis flaming red beauty is one of four Les Pauls made for Slash by J.T. Riboloff of the Gibson Custom Shop. Aside from a thinner neck, it’s essentially a copy of a ’59 Les Paul Standard. Slash ordered the guitar and its three mates after attending a NAMM show and seeing a thin-necked ’59 replica that Riboloff made for guitarist/Marshall amplifier artist rep Richie Fliegler.
The all black hardware and screaming yellow binding were Slash’s ideas. The tuning machines are specially made black chrome Schaller M6’s with Kluson-style buttons. Other personalized features are Dunlop 6100 jumbo frets and a “stripped” look – no pickup covers or pickguard – that shows of the guitar’s figured Western maple top. Considerable hand antiquing went into areas like the binding, says J.T. “I even put the old Holly veneer on the headstock – like Gibson used to use in the old days.”
Of the four Les Pauls Riboloff made for Slash, this and two others are still in his posession. The fourth now belongs to Dennis Robbins of the Billy Hill band. Future collectors take note: The serial numbers on all four instruments make them easy to identify.
“I used real oddball stuff, like transitional numbers and X’s, says J.T,” and one of the serial numbers is Slash’s birthday.”

(thanks to Patrick for sending it in)


  • ’59 Les Paul Standard
  • made in 1989
  • Black Hardware
  • Yellow Binding
  • Custom tuning machines: black chrome Schaller M6’s with Kluson-style buttons
  • Dunlop 6100 Jumbo Frets
  • Alnico II Pro Pickups
  • no pickguard
  • no pickup covers
  • ONLY 4 were ever made!
  • Serial # of one of Slash’s guitars: 72389

Slash with Custom