Slash’s Guitar Straps by Red Monkey

(Slash – photo by Scott Uchida)

I’ve seen the occasional question what guitar straps Slash uses and so far the standard reply was custom made. Now this changes to “custom made by¬†Red Monkey“!

Check out their online store for guitar straps called “Slasher“. These are not signature straps by any means but my guess is that they are “inspired by”… They look cool either way! By the way, check out their watches, too!

Slash 101

Since there is a bunch of questions people repeatedly ask about Slash, I thought we could have a Slash 101 category where facts and info is collected about Slash.

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Let’s start with ismini:

i’m really new around here does anybody knows what is that double guitar slash is playing?

That’s a Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck.

it is exactly what it looks like… 2 guitars in one. the top one is a 12 string electric and the bottom one is a six string electric. you play one at a time and you have a little switch to activate the top or bottom pickups. (thats what he’s flicking when he switches the necks…)

Slash has his own design as well: the Guild Crossroads has a semi acoustic at the top and an electric bottom:

Guild CrossroadsAccording to various sources, he drew his design on a napkin. His live guitar is a green Crossroads he calls Godzilla.
When he switches to the acoustic part of the guitar on stage, his guitar tech Adam Day switches from the Marshall amps to the Ampeg SVTMP tube pre-amp which goes straight to the FOH (front of house).

Slash 101 – Amp Settings

Every now and then we get asked about Slash’s amp settings or how to get the “Slash sound”. You should keep in mind that much of the “tone” comes from the way you play the guitar. Your hands, your technique and your style make up a big part of YOUR (or Slash’s) sound.
However, if you want to get closer to Slash’s amp sound, it’s a good idea to start with a Marshall. Preferably a JCM Slash, a Silver Jubilee or a JCM 800. But you can get pretty close with any other Marshall as well. The handbook that you get with the Slash Signature amp includes settings that build a good foundation for the Slash sound.

Recommended settings:
Slash Settings

But Slash uses an array of additional equipment that you can see here.

To print a copy of the handbook, go here:
Marshall Slash Handbook
Download the handbook (pdf


As Slashwannabe1 pointed out in the forum, he’s got an image of Slash’s settings that are different:

And Adam Day gave him these settings for the Vintage Modern that Slash also used briefly:

High dynamic range
Mid Boost out
Body = 2
Detail = 5.5
Treble = 5
Middle = 7
Bass = 6.5
Presence = 4.5
Master Vol = 9
Reverb = off

And if you’ve got one of the AFD100 amps, here’s a photo of the settings posted by Stoof on the mylespaul forum: