Slash: Touring is the best

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

“I can’t wait. This new album is really great to get on the road with because it’s all tailor-made to playing it live. That’s the only real reason I do this,” he told kerrang! magazine.

“I mean, I love playing guitar, don’t get me wrong, and I like writing and I like recording, but it’s always been, ever since I picked up a guitar, to go out and f**king do concerts and big shows like Download.

“So I make records, but touring and playing is the icing on the cake.”

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2 Responses to “Slash: Touring is the best”

  1. Fabiano

    I hope the tour make its way to Brazil! (By the way, I have this same picture autographed by Slash)

  2. Lauren

    Slash Is The Greatest and Best Guitarist Ever! he is my hero! i would really love to meet Slash that would be a dream come true. I saw Slash in Sydney in 2010 it was Awesomeness SLASH ROCKS!!!!! unfortunately i Didn’t get To Meet Slash I would Really Love To Meet Slash That was at The Horden Pavilion Show I’m Also seeing Slash this Year in Sydney At The Sydney Entertainment Centre I’m Really Excited i Can’t wait to See My Hero Again And Get To Dress Like Slash Again! Slash Rules Forever !!!!!!!!


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