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Q: Well it seems to be working, for sure. You’ve hit on something that really works. Do you see yourself remaining with this lineup for now?
A: I would hope to stick around with this crew for a while. We’re just now starting the first show and we’re touring all through the rest of the year into next year. This has been a really great time, the most fun I’ve had doing this in a long time.

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Review: Slash at Rams Head Live May 3

For their part, the sold-out crowd responded enthusiastically all night. They were there to see a Hall of Fame guitarist, and even when his guitar died during “Back to Cali,” forcing the band to hit rewind and restart, he did not disappoint. A few times during the cover-heavy set, Kennedy looked like he didn’t want to be playing the replacement rock star the way he did in the movie “Rock Star.” During “Sweet Child of Mine,” he incited the crowd to do the wave with more than a hint of detached irony. Still, as the confetti rained down during closer “Paradise City,” Slash had put on another great rock show and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators proved worthy touring partners, if not peers.

Interview with Myles Kennedy

“There´s a song called ‘Standing in the sun’ which I think has a really good feel to it. It might be my favorite solo that Slash played on the record. I think it´s a really incredible solo. Those are two songs that constantly come to mind for me.”

Guns N’ Roses’ Soft-Rock Legacy

In spite of group’s professed dislike of ballads, the only single from GNR’s next album, an eight-song EP titled G N’ R Lies, was the love song “Patience.” Like “Sweet Child,” “Patience” was proof that the group excelled when they decided to embrace their soft sides. It’s a musically catchy tune that never devolves into emotional sap, and it ended up at No. 4 on the Hot 100 chart, making it their second-biggest hit at the time.

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  1. Lauren

    Slash Rocks! I Would Really Love To Meet Slash One Day! That Would Be A Dream Come True. Greatest Guitarist Ever! He Is My Influence Cause I Play Guitar And I’m Influenced By Slash. I Love His Guitar Playing His Style And Also His Solos They Are The Greatest And Best Solos Ever!. Slash Rules Forever!.


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