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Interview: Myles Kennedy talks Alter Bridge, Slash and Led Zeppelin |


Here are a few parts of a recent interview with Myles Kennedy from Music Radar:

Myles about Slash’s next record:

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for the next record.”

About an offer to sing in VR:

There was talk of that, but no, I was never officially given that offer. [...] The whole thing is pretty interesting, though: They had reached out to me in 2002 when they were just getting together. They had sent me a demo tape, and I kind of sat on it for a month, and I didn’t…I didn’t really follow up on it.

[From Interview: Myles Kennedy talks Alter Bridge, Slash and Led Zeppelin |]

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The Tesla/GnR comments on “That Metal Show”


Check out the quote below and the link to the post. Was this a simple misunderstanding?! Or is a new Tesla album coming out soon that needs to be promoted?

Hannon has clarified his comments on “That Metal Show,” saying he doesn’t have a copy of the demo, which was actually a live recording that made the rounds at the Geffen offices.

“‘Better Off Without You’ is a song in ‘D’ and it does the ‘D/F#-to-G’ chord change in it. This is also the same type of change that GN’R used at the end of ‘Patience’ and also the same change that John Lennon uses in ‘Imagine’…I do not seriously feel that we wrote ‘Patience’ in ANY WAY.” He also apologized for stirring up shit, but dude…what the fuck? Why did you say that in the first place, man? That’s shady.

[From Weak Beef: Slash Picks On Tesla Guitarist | Gun Shy Assassin]