Slash’s World Forum on your phone

The Slash’s World Forums are now available on your phone! Tapatalk is a service that lets you browse forums using either their free app (limited to reading only) or a paid app (reading, posting and private messaging).

Click here to download their application to your phone.

You can find Slash’s World in their list of forums under Music > Others

The small print: we’re just using this service and receive no money from the makers of the applications.


Slash Online just announced Slash’s new radio show!

You’ll be able to listen to it on or with your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone.

Throughout its limited-time run, beginning with its debut on Thursday, September 2nd, “Slash FM” will broadcast a wealth of exciting content, including selected playlists of some of the guitar god’s favorite songs, such as tracks by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Beatles, Soundgarden and Metallica. Of course, songs from Guns N’ Roses and Slash’s solo work will also be aired, including behind-the-scenes stories told by Slash himself. […]

Send any requests or suggestions for Slash FM to to [email protected]

via Slash Online