WTF? Gibson’s top 10 albums of 2010: Slash only at #10?!

I don’t think Gibson has a great track record with these types of lists – at all! Here’s what they said about Slash’s album at #10:

Although Slash has been a member of some of the biggest bands in rock, it took until 2010 for the legendary guitarist to step out as a solo musician. His self-titled solo debut paired his thrilling guitar work with some of the most famous voices in music (including Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie and Iggy Pop) and reminded everyone what a true guitar hero can do.

Slash’s iTunes Session (feat. Myles Kennedy)

Slash’s iTunes session is now available at the US iTunes store (at the time of writing, it’s not available in Australia, yet). It features Myles Kennedy on vocals and costs $4.49

Here’s the tracklist:
  1. Back from Cali
  2. Communication Breakdown
  3. Fall to Pieces
  4. Rocket Queen
  5. Starlight
  6. Sucker Train Blues

DailyRecord Slash interview

The Daily Record posted an interview with Slash on their website:

I’m a much better guitarist now I’m off drugs and alcohol, says Slash of Guns N’ Roses

I don’t wake up and make a cocktail first thing in the morning these days. I don’t have a lot of vices I have to deal with first thing. I was a slave to my addiction, and had to take care of those first, so I don’t have that any more. It leaves more time to be productive.

I always have a guitar by my side and I’m always out in circles where musicians hang out, or I’m in situations where I’m exposed to lots of different artists.

I did a song with him [Iggy Pop] and Lenny Kravitz back in the early ’90s which was never released that was really cool. So we have an ongoing relationship.

Slash interview on

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

I fuse everything together loosely with a basic rock ‘n’ roll approach, and it fits into a lot of different styles. Although a lot of people don’t do it, I like to take what I do and infuse it into some hip hop, some pop music, and other genres because it works. Most people are too scared to branch out that way, but I think it works really well.

The album flows really well. Did you spend a lot of time working on the track order and sequence?

I appreciate that! As soon as I got into the studio and recorded four or five songs, I knew which song would be the first song, and I had a really good idea of which song was going to be the last song. We probably did three or, at tops, four different sequences before I found the sequence that worked. So it wasn’t too much time.

On stage, Myles preserves the initial integrity of the songs but he adds his own flare.

Myles is a godsend. When I was at the tail end of making the record, I had two songs left over that were two of my favorite pieces of music. Throughout the making of the record, I could not figure out who should sing them. The album was actually being mixed, and I realized I hadn’t gotten vocals on those two songs. Myles was somebody I’d never met, and I wasn’t really familiar with his style. I knew he was a good singer though. I just took a chance and called him to see what would happen. […] Myles is great. Like you said, he makes the songs his own without ruining the integrity of the actual song itself. People dig him.

What’s next with Velvet Revolver? Are you still searching for a singer?

Something like that! We’ve actually moved leaps and bounds in the last month. We should be making an announcement one way or another next month.

check it out here:

Going to a Slash gig soon? Check out the Slash photo contest

Hey Slash enthusiasts, 
If you’re going to one of the upcoming shows in Omaha, NE on Jan 16; Dallas, TX on Jan 20; Wichita, KS on Jan 21; Las Vegas, NV on Jan 28 or Los Angeles, CA on Feb 1 then you have a chance to win a Guitar Hero signed by Slash. Go to the show and take a cool photo, submit it to [email protected] and the best photo from each gig will win a signed “Beautiful Dangerous” single. The best shot from the five gigs will win a signed Guitar Hero. (Grand prize winner will be announced on Feb 10th.)

Las Vegas Weekly: Slash at Viva Elvis

Rock superstar guitarist Slash started his holiday break in Las Vegas with his family at Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis at Aria in MGM’s CityCenter on Saturday night (his larger-than-life black hair was slicked back into what looks like a super cool ponytail).